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According to this Netflix movie, Foodini will be a standard appliance in your future kitchen

Imagine your kitchen, 40 years from today: the year 2058... like in the home in the photo above. What is that to the left of the stove, on the kitchen counter? Yes, it is Foodini.

The above image is from the newly released Netflix movie - MUTE - set in the future forty years from today.

The plot: a doting father cares deeply for his young daughter and wants her to eat the freshest, healthiest foods. So rather than being over-reliant on processed, packaged foods, he has a Foodini in his kitchen to prepare healthy, nutritious, personalized, real foods for his family and friends.

OK, this isn’t the plot, but it could very well be a sub-sub-sub-sub-sub plot: because Foodini is in his kitchen, looking very much like a normal, standard kitchen appliance.

And see what's on top and in front of Foodini on the kitchen counter? Foodini's stainless-steel food capsules are still there - even in the year 2058- continuing with our ethos to ship with empty stainless-steel food capsules so that you can always print using fresh, real ingredients: today, in 2058, and beyond. :-)

Full disclosure, I’m co-Founder of Natural Machines, the makers of Foodini: a 3D food printer. Foodini makes all kinds of savory and sweet foods using fresh, real ingredients. With Foodini, this is real food... 3D printed. (Oh, and we believe that Foodini will be a standard home kitchen appliance way before 2058!)

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