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SodaStream is to Drinks as Foodini is to Food

We’ve said it before: 3D food printing is not that crazy of an idea. :-)

Here’s why: The premise of all 3D printers is the user becomes the manufacturer. The same concept applies with Foodini: users become the manufacturer and control the ingredients going into printed foods.

If you eat anything from a food manufacturer - like packaged food you buy in a supermarket - then you practically are already eating 3D printed food: a food manufacturer takes food, pushes it through machines, shapes it, forms it.

We’ve taken that same concept and shrunk the large food manufacturing facility down to a stylish appliance for your kitchen counter. But the big difference is we allow you to use your own fresh ingredients to print. Now that you are the manufacturer, you can print what you want to eat, and nothing more, thus helping to lower food waste.

This concept already exists for sparkling/ fizzy/ carbonated drinks: in the form of SodaStream. Rather than buy these drinks in bottles from drink manufacturers, with SodaStream you create your own. Customize your drink: the amount you make, the strength of the carbonation, the strength of the flavor. Has your carbonated drink gone flat? No need to spill it down the drain (drink waste!) as you do when your pre-bottled drinks go flat; with SodaStream simply add more gas to your drink… instant bubble replenishment.

In essence, the SodaStream kitchen appliance makes you the manufacturer of your carbonated drinks. You customize your drink: both the ingredients and the serving size. You make it fresh.

Similarly, Foodini is a kitchen appliance that makes you the manufacturer of your food. You customize your food: both the ingredients and the serving size. You make it fresh.

SodaStream is to drinks as Foodini is to food: both are stylish kitchen appliances that make you the manufacturer, so you can make fresh drinks/food, customize what you drink/eat, and help to lower drink/food waste.

Full disclosure, I’m co-Founder of Natural Machines, the makers of Foodini: a 3D food printer. Foodini makes all kinds of savory and sweet foods using fresh, real ingredients. With Foodini, this is real food... 3D printed.

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