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A cookie is a small piece of text that websites you visit send to the browser to allow the Site to remember information about your visit. Natural Machines uses cookies to remember preferences such as your language, to count the number of visitors on pages, analyse and obtain information about navigation in the Site, for measuring and analysing audience, to increase the relevancy of the ads you see and for providing with personalized advertisement.

Those cookies can be own or third party cookies in the following case:

Natural Machines uses the above information for improving the Site, detecting new needs and evaluate the offered service.
Natural Machines does not use cookies with advertising purposes, nor to associate browsing data with individuals that have not been previously identified.

Even though Natural Machines does not and will not attempt to associate the IP address with specific individuals, accessing IP addresses could be regarded as a processing of personal data given the possibility to identify the individual to which an IP address is associated (more a theoretical than an actual possibility). Consequently, according to the applicable data protection law, the Privacy Policy will apply.

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Last Update: September 2018