the advantage program subscription service

Food Nut

Hardware Upgrades

No device obsolescence. Upgrades applied when available and if needed for your customer offering.

Food Mora

the best pricing - always

If we lower our pricing, the lower amount will automatically be applied to your subscription.

Food Broadbean

Green solution

We take Foodini back at end of use to reuse, refurbish or recycle. Go green!!

Flexible plans

Various monthly and yearly plans available. The longer you commit, the cheaper the price.

Monthly payments

Pay via a subscription service. All plans are billed monthly.

No hardware purchase

No hardware purchase required, Natural Machines retains ownership of Foodini.

Low risk

No need to buy hardware. Subscribe to Foodini for as long (or as little) as you need.

Lifetime warranty

Foodini is under warranty for the entire subscription period, no matter the length of time.

Repairs are covered

Normal wear and tear is covered for the entire subscription period, as are device faults. We take care of any repairs needed.


When there is a new version of Foodini, it is possible to upgrade to the latest one.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Lifetime warranty and no hardware obsolescence equals a lower TCO versus buying.

Be sustainable with hardware

We take back Foodini at the end of the subscription so that you never have to worry about disposing of hardware.

Extra Accessories

Foodini comes with everything you need to print. If needed, you can also get additional accessories via subscription.

Refundable deposit

A one-time upfront refundable deposit is required for all plans.

Program availability

Available for customers in the United States, European Union, and China. If you are outside of this area, you can purchase Foodini.

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Prefer to buy Foodini instead of using the Advantage Program? (Are you sure? The Advantage Program is a more sustainable solution!) We are adding NEW features! Get in touch to learn how to get Foodini and delivery times.




Foodini comes with everything you need to start printing

Foodini comes with an accessory box which has everything you need to start printing.

Additional accessories can be ordered below.

Foodini can be purchased online worldwide to select countries

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Extra Accessories

You can order from us directly or via one of our Authorized Dealers


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